Awesome results form this Suzuki M109R Woolich dyno tune.

We were pretty happy to be able to offer direct ECU tuning for the popular M109R VZ1800 Suzuki. This motorcycle has quite a bit left on the table as far as performance goes, in it’s factory form.

We did the base runs to see where things were and then had to remove the entire exhaust system, as there was nowhere to take samples from for the individual cylinder tuning. With wide band o2 bungs welded in and pre-tune checks/mods completed & carried out, we loaded the Suzi back into the dyno room for tuning.

We encountered a few anomalies whilst monitoring everything live on the dyno, and had to diagnose these issues before we completed the tune. Its amazing just how often things crop up to slow you down when in the dyno room. Seeing everything live, is such a great advantage for tuners, as you can recognise “out of the ordinary” readings, and after ironing out the faults/issues, give a fantastic result to the customer.

With a plethora of tuning tables, and map resolution the size of your screen (per cylinder), an accurate tune with attention to detail, is not a quick job, or for the uninitiated believe me…

How did it go you ask? Take a look for yourself 😉
Although we have seen better peak figures from the M109 with different components, the power and especially torque with this customers bike is a great result – where you feel it and ride it most

Suzuki M109R Dyno
(for the internet number crunchers – our dyno is accurate & repeatable, it is not set to feed you BS HP & TQ figures. Look for the % gains not the actual numbers)