We had the pleasure of tuning another mighty Suzuki M109R here at Protech Motorcycles. This one, a very tidy example had a Power Commander 5, a few inlet mods and the TRE etc done.

The owner wanted a tune to make sure everything was spot on, and because it had never been done properly on the dyno to date.

The exhaust configuration on this M109R required careful set-up to get the best results and after beginning the tune, we had to remove it to carry out some mods to enable accuracy.

After tuning the bike, it was clear we were missing out on the full capabilities due to limitations elsewhere that the PCV didn’t give us access to. We called the owner and discussed the benefits of ECU flashing, and what we could do there. It was a no brainer really. After flashing the ECU, we went back into he booth & re-tuned the bike again, per cylinder for best results. The extra time with exhaust set-up & ECU fine tuning, was well worth it.

Riding this immaculate bike is a bloody hoot. Fantastic grunt off the bottom and smooth cruise coupled with instant throttle response…I am amazed at how fast an engine of this size spins into life.

Posted is PCV tune vs ECU flash & re-tune. (Flash to mod STP, Ignition and other tables)

suzuki m109r dyno tune