New 103″ Harley bagger stage 2 upgrade results from a recent job here at Protech.

With this customer heading off soon up the coast of Australia for some well earned R&R, we decided he needed a bit more grunt to keep him grinning once his awesome FLHXS Streetglide Special was loaded up for the journey.

We settled with the Screamin Eagle 255 cams as they are pretty hard to beat off the bottom off the RPM range. Lets be honest, that’s where we are most of the time when touring. Having never fitted the Rinehart Xtreme True Duals before, we were a little apprehensive, especially after some internet research told us they were an average pipe at low RPM – that was right where we wanted the gains… (read on to see why a pinch of salt is often required with internet research!)

We opted for the typical stage 1 intake, as they retain the OEM air filter cover and keep the bike looking clean.

After fitting the cams, intake & exhaust we headed into the dyno room.

We did a full custom map using the SERT Harley tuner & were amazed at the results. What a fantastic package for any touring Harley owner that wants the best from their ride. The improvements are astounding really even when looking at the peak HP – well above what we expected for such a small (torque) camshaft. We were focused on the left side of the page however delivered results everywhere!

Riding this armchair on wheels is bloody awesome!! Wish we were going.

Own a 103 bagger? This recipe will please. Good ECU tuning and the right components delivers again. We are stoked with such impressive gains and how well the exhaust performs. Awesome product Rinehart!

harley davidson bagger stage 2 dyno results
stage 2 flhxs stage 2 upgrade dyno results