We’ve built a number of these proven 107″ T-Man performers now here at Protech.

The dyno graphs show a tuned comparison before and after the build.

The bike came in as a very tidy custom built elsewhere but lacked in grunt. It was 96″ with V&H 2 into 2 big radius, stock throttle body and stock engine. We tuned the bike previously on our dyno

For those interested, the specs;

107 T-man pistons/boring
T-man thumper series heads
T-Man 625 cams
HPI injectors & 55mm throttle body
D&D exhaust
SERT tuned in house

This owner has been around fast cars, bikes, boats & women most of his life and stated “I am one happy customer”
Just look at these gains – not hard to see why!

107" T-man build
107″ T-man build