About Us

It all started as a hobby, when Dominic couldn’t get one of his first bikes fixed properly and subsequently sold it, to the mechanic that said he couldn’t fix it…..The very next bike had issues, went to the same workshop, that too wasn’t repaired properly, cost a ton of money, broke down on the way to his girlfriend’s house some 100 km away (rolled that one down an embankment & couldn’t find it for hours the next day) .. all this got him thinking….

That was some 28 years ago, and the story does go on!

From hobby to profession;

At Protech, we are dedicated to giving you the very best from your motorcycle and aim to educate with direction on projects, remembering why we delved into the industry in the first place.

We are primarily a workshop and do not sell new or used bikes.

We focus on the following;

Dyno tuning/ECU Re-flashing – most makes/models and tuning mediums
Log book servicing – from new to around 10 years old (older bikes accepted depending on condition/budget)
Accident repairs – 28+ years of professional smash repair experience
Advanced diagnostics – we love the tough electrical issues!
Suspension re-valving/servicing – complete race bike set-ups

We have had vast exposure to all Japanese, American & European models coupled with factory training on most brands also. Our workshop is very well equipped, with state of the art diagnostics, a particularly good dyno, an oscilloscope and enough special tools to sink a battleship (we are tool whores!)

For professional servicing, tuning & repairs for your bike, come and see us.

Make a booking or inquiry today.